Kandice Ann Molliere

Kandice Ann Molliere

Kandice was diagnozed with "Neuroactive Dystrophy", a form of Muscular Dystrophy which causes the nerves to deteriorate. With the love and support of two her loving Parents, Gwen and Archie; and her "Bubba" Kelly, She out-lived all of the doctors' expectations, and passed away at age 27. She was always a happy and cheerful person, and as you can see from the picture above, loved her Garfield dolls. She always had a nickname for everyone, and would always get down right upset when you tried to "take" her Garfield away from her. We will always remember her; for she often showed such character and devotion to life that you could not help but see her as a person, and not someone with a debilitating desease. Kandice will always be remebered for her smile and her laughter. She is now at peace, suffering no more. She is an angel to all who knew her.

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